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blade technology

The first 6 blade

  • Tests prove higher blade counts deliver a closer and less irritating shave.
  • Higher blade counts such as 6 blades increase the life of the cartridge,
    providing more quality shaves.
The first 6 blade Image

As the picture shows, 6 blades helps to pull more hairs and shave deeply so that it keeps perfectly clean and feel fresh for your skin.


3 blade shave         6 blade shave

Patented Angulated Blade Platform

  • Angled blades precisely engineered and positioned on the blade platform.
  • Seamless blade construction.
  • Possible to Add Unlimited Blades.
  • Removal of blade welding to post leaves less obstacles for debris accumulation
    for a longer blade life.
Patented Angulated Blade Platform Image
Open Flow Cartridge Image

Open Flow Cartridge

  • 100% ‚Äúrinse-ability‚ÄĚ of hair follicles and shaving cream/soap.
  • Blades stay perfectly clean as it eliminates corrosion for a longer blade life.

Patented Common Docking System

  • No worries on which blade cartridge fits in which handle.
  • Razor cartridge handle interchangeability.
  • Allows for choice of shaving customization among PACE¬ģ brand product system.
Patented Common Docking System Image

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